5 Tips to Help Reduce and Minimize CVS and Digital Eye Strain

//5 Tips to Help Reduce and Minimize CVS and Digital Eye Strain

5 Tips to Help Reduce and Minimize CVS and Digital Eye Strain

First, let us be clear, we are not talking about the pharmacy chain here. What we’re talking about is Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Digital Eye Strain, which we notice is spreading more and more as our society becomes increasingly visual.

It’s quite common for people to stare at digital devices, like tablets, smartphones, laptops, and monitors to experience digital eye strain, eye fatigue, and, computer vision syndrome.

What Exactly Happens with CVS?

Computer vision syndrome can be an entire collection of vision and eye-related problems. They can arise from excessive computer use (which many of us might be guilty of). Symptoms might include eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes, sensitivity to light, and headaches ranging in intensity.  CVS can even spread farther, into your shoulders, your neck, and your back, causing discomfort and pain.

When you view a computer or any other digital device it makes your eyes work extra hard, because the pixels on your screen are constantly refreshing, which can really mess with your eyes. Distance to and position against the screen, the angle at which you look at the screen, and posture can all play a part as well.

Read on for some tips to minimize digital eye strain and avoid CVS.

1.) Spring for Glasses with Anti-glare Coating

Even if you don’t wear glasses, there are some great brands that help get rid of the blue end of the spectrum, which can often prove beneficial. Stop in the office and ask our staff which ones they recommend!

2.) Consider Your Screen

If you’re spending a lot of time in front of a specific screen (a monitor, for instance), maybe save to get the upgraded, high resolution screen which will provide an easier experience on your eyes, reducing strain and fatigue in the process.

3.) Practice Perfect Posture

Promoting good posture is a game changer for many facets of your life and will help promote back and neck strength in the process. Viewing a screen from an appropriate, straight-forward angle (as opposed to looking downward) also helps. Invest further in an ergonomic chair and desk setup to further protect yourself.

4.) Remember to Blink

By remembering to blink, we can help reduce dry eyes. By and large, most of us tend to blink less frequently when we’re staring at our digital devices. The very act of doing this disrupts our tear film, which will eventually cause symptoms like ocular stinging, burning, fluctuating vision and even excess tearing.

5.) Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam with Stoney Creek Eye Care today.

Our doctors and staff of Stoney Creek Eye Care renew our commitment to providing comprehensive, compassionate eye care for our wide patient base of all ages.

A comprehensive eye exam with one of our specialists will help uncover any underlying problems with your vision. If your vision is anything less than crystal clear, give us a call at 905-662-8863 today.

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