Dr. Heather Chin

//Dr. Heather Chin
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As a Hamiltonian, it’s great to be practicing in the community.

I began my schooling at the University of Guelph where I studied Biomedical Sciences. I then attained my Doctor of Optometry degree in 2016 from University of Waterloo.

Since graduating, I’ve been fortunate to work alongside distinguished ophthalmologists and optometrists in Ontario and am comfortable with a full scope of practice such as ocular emergencies, LASIK/refractive surgery follow-ups, diabetic exams, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

I enjoy fitting multifocal contact lenses and relieving eyestrain with task specific glasses. It’s my goal to provide clear, functional vision to people of all ages.

In my spare time, I love practicing yoga, playing soccer and traveling with friends and family.

I look forward to meeting you and providing patient-centered eye care to the community.