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A contact lens is a tiny, thin piece of material placed on the surface of the cornea to correct vision. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and wear schedules, and are designed for specific environments.

At Stoney Creek Eye Care, we offer contact lenses in Stoney Creek for patients of all ages.

The Beauty of Contact Lenses

Many individuals choose contact lens as an aesthetically pleasing alternative to eyeglasses. Others find it more functional, as it provides better peripheral vision, especially for those who have higher prescriptions. Contacts also do not collect moisture compared to glasses.

Additionally, contact lenses are ideal for individuals who wear sunglasses or goggles, as contacts eliminate the need to fit the latter with prescription lenses. That’s why this option is great for people who love sports or are into regular outdoor activities.

More than that, contact lenses offer the ultimate visual freedom. You won’t have to worry about frames slipping down your nose or leaving marks on your nose and ears.

If the fit is poor, however, they can damage your eyes. It is therefore important to have your contacts chosen, fit and monitored by a licensed eye care professional.

Good Contact Lens Fit

A pair of lenses that is too loose will cause discomfort; one that is too tight may cause eye redness and other vision complications.

A great fit starts with a comprehensive eye exam, which we offer at Stoney Creek Eye Care. This ensures that we provide you with an updated prescription. It also enables us to rule out any eye conditions that that may hinder contact lens use. We may likewise evaluate the surface of your eye, including the tear film composition, corneal curvature and lid structure.

Our competent and caring eye doctors in Hamilton, CA understand contact lenses; they will determine the best lens according to the shape and health of your eye, as well as your lifestyle needs. We will make sure your eyes are healthy enough to wear lenses.

Patient education is important to us. We teach patients proper lens care. If you have never worn lenses before, we will teach you how to safely wear and remove your lenses.

Safety is Our Priority

You can find contact lenses anywhere these days. While you could shop online to find a cheap pair, you may be stuck with a set that doesn’t provide the comfort, the fit or the optical clarity you’d otherwise get from an optometrist.

Don’t take risks with your vision. Book an appointment with Stoney Creek Eye Care for contact lenses in Hamilton.