Stoney Creek Eye Care knows the true value of clear vision.

Our eye specialists have the knowledge and experience to offer optometry services to patients of all ages and of different requirements. We will work tirelessly to make sure your eyesight is working as it should.

The Stoney Creek Eye Care clinic uses premium equipment for diagnosing vision-related problems. And when you need brand new sunglasses, a stronger prescription, or wish for a better-looking pair of eyeglasses in Hamilton, Canada, we can help.

Our lab features state-of-the-art technology to create lenses that help you look good and see even better. Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, or presbyotic, we have a lens that is perfect for you.

Combination of Fashion and Quality

Our glasses frames in Stoney Creek provide real value to our patients: up-to-date fashion combined with excellent quality. We take pride in providing you with glasses that not only help you see clearly, but also help you look great.

Prescription Sunglasses

When the sun is shining brightly, your eyes need a pair of shades for protection. That’s why, in addition to designer glasses, our Stoney Creek clinic also offers a range of sunglasses, and they can be made with nearly any lens prescription.

Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and blue light, which can cause major vision problems.

Prescription Glasses for Children

We offer prescription glasses for Stoney Creek children, as well.

Getting children to wear glasses can be challenging at times. They might feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. At Stoney Creek Eye Care, we understand this, and we strive to make eyewear fun for our younger patients.

Eyewear Shopping Assistance

We want your eyewear-shopping experience to be a pleasant one, and we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere to help make that happen. Our doctors and staff greet each patient warmly and we are always happy to offer advice or answer questions.

We even help you choose your frames. The most important part of selecting frames is how they match your face. We look at three things when choosing the ideal eyeglasses for you: face shape, eye, skin tone, hair colour and facial features.

For stunning green eyes, a complementing green frame or a purple one to make the eye colour pop may look best. We also advice petite patients to go with a small frame, as one that’s too large can overpower the face; it is important that the frames are in scale with the face. If you have a round face shape, for instance, we will advise you to look for a frame that adds distinction to the curves of your face.

Because we carry a large selection of frames, we can find your perfect match. Our doctors and staff will educate you on how different eyeglasses will affect your vision. They will help narrow down your options, so you can find the look, functionality and fit you desire.

With Stoney Creek Eye Care, you know that your eyes are in the hands of professionals. Browse our frames in Stoney Creek or ask one of our eye doctors to recommend a frame that highlights your particular facial features.