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Stoney Creek, ON
(905) 662-8863

Presbyopia Management in Stoney Creek

What Is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a refractive error that makes it difficult to see objects up close and perform tasks that require near vision, like reading. Presbyopia is not the same as hyperopia, which is also known as farsightedness.

Hyperopia occurs due to the shape of the cornea and the length of the eyeball, refracting light to a point just behind the retina. Most people with hyperopia were born with the condition or develop it in their youth. Presbyopia, on the other hand, develops over time, usually after the age of 40. As you get older, the natural lens in your eye loses elasticity which prevents it from changing shape to focus on close objects. Request an appointment to find out if you are developing presbyopia and what you can do about it.

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Symptoms of Presbyopia

  • Difficulty reading or focusing
  • Headaches or fatigue after reading and other near tasks
  • Needing bright light to see fine print
  • Holding an object at arm’s length when trying to read it

Will Presbyopia Affect Me?

Much like wrinkles, gray hair, and senior moments, presbyopia is an inevitable part of ageing which will eventually affect all of us. While some people may develop symptoms of presbyopia earlier than others, wait long enough, and everyone will have it.

Corrective Options

Monovision Contact Lenses

Monovision contact lenses involve having different prescriptions on each lens: one lens is responsible for near vision, and the other is responsible for far vision. This makes it easier for the wearer to seamlessly switch their gaze between close up objects and distant objects.

Progressive lenses offer multiple corrective powers in a single lens without the harsh line of bifocals. These lenses use a gradient effect allowing you to transition from distance to intermediate to near vision smoothly.

Multifocal contact lenses are similar to progressive lenses but in contact lens form. These contacts offer different corrective powers in different areas of the lenses with a gradient pattern of concentric rings, offering a smooth transition from distance to near.

Corneal inlays are a surgical alternative to reading glasses. The surgery required to implant these inlays is relatively non-invasive, and according to Ophthalmology Times, yields remarkable results. Many corneal inlays look like very small contact lenses which are implanted inside the cornea of the non-dominant eye, changing the way light refracts in the eye and providing clearer near vision.

Our Vision in Action

At Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique our trusted team of eye doctors is committed to providing you with high-quality eye care, stylish frames, and personalized attention. We offer a wide variety of services, including:

Convenient Location, Extended Hours,
and Direct Billing

We understand that life is hectic. We want to help make it a little simpler, which is why our centrally-located practice offers extended hours on Mondays and Saturdays. We’re also happy to directly bill most major insurance companies on your behalf. And on top of all that? We’ve got plenty of free parking. Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique will always do whatever we can to make your life a little easier, located in the Health Science Building.

Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique

  • 15 Mountain Ave S #110
  • Stoney Creek, ON L8G 2V6

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  • Monday9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Eyeglass Frames & Lenses

A truly complete eye care experience includes the best eyewear the world has to offer. Our Boutique is well-stocked with globally-recognized brands like Dior, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, Fossil, and much more.

But of course, your eyewear is much more than just your frames. We offer Zeiss lenses; the paragon of quality lens technology. By pairing the best in optical lenses with filters and coatings for improved performance, Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique is here to help you look your best, see your best, and feel your best.

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