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Stoney Creek, ON
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Providing Relief for Dry Eye Symptoms

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind estimates that roughly 30% of Canadians suffer from symptoms related to dry eyes. These symptoms are irritating and disruptive, and while you might realize something’s wrong, you may not actually be able to pinpoint that this discomfort comes from dry eyes.

Our conscientious doctors at Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique, with our progressive approach and highly advanced technology, are well equipped to diagnose and relieve your case of dry eyes. Request an appointment to find relief from your dry eye symptoms.

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What are Dry Eyes?

As the name indicates, dry eyes are a chronic condition where the eyes don’t get the moisture they need to keep them clear, protected, and lubricated. Dry eyes typically stem from one of two basic issues, depending on the cause.

Aqueous Dry Eye

Aqueous dry eye is the term for cases of dry eyes where the eyelids simply don’t produce enough tears to keep the eyes hydrated. Although all of the necessary components of healthy tear production do exist, there just isn’t enough tear volume to be sufficient.

For tears to be really effective, the tear film requires a thin layer of oil that floats on top, preventing the tears from evaporating too quickly. This oil is called meibum and comes from the meibomian glands in the eyelids.

Without enough meibum, the aqueous layer of the tears evaporates, and the eye starts to feel dry and uncomfortable. This condition is what’s called evaporative dry eye.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Symptoms of dry eyes can include:

  • A dry, gritty sensation
  • Periods of excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Stringy discharge
  • Redness
  • Glare or halos around lights
  • Eye fatigue
  • Sensation of a foreign body in the eye

Related Conditions

Dry eye is closely related to two serious eye conditions: Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and blepharitis.


MGD occurs when the meibomian glands become clogged and are unable to produce enough meibum. MGD is typically treated using either warm compresses, such as those produced by Bruder. The warm compress is able to soften the meibum and unclog the glands. More serious MGD may need to be treated using an in-office procedure called meibomian gland expression.

During this procedure your optometric team will numb your eyes using anesthetic eye drops, then your optometrist will gently probe and dilate your meibomian glands and removing the hard meibum that has caused the clog.

Blepharitis occurs when bacteria and other debris build up on our eyelids, causing them to become irritated and inflamed. This condition can also be caused by MGD, fungal infections, parasites or dry eye symptoms. Blepharitis and dry eye often go hand in hand, which means it isn’t always clear if blepharitis causes dry eye or dry eye causes blepharitis.

Treatments for Dry Eyes

At Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique, we have a variety of treatments to alleviate your dry eye symptoms and treat the condition at its source. Whether through the use of medicated eye drops to stimulate tear production, or in-office treatments like BlephEx to clear blocked meibomian glands, we will work with you to help you find sustainable, lasting relief.

Our Vision in Action

At Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique our trusted team of eye doctors is committed to providing you with high-quality eye care, stylish frames, and personalized attention. We offer a wide variety of services, including:

Convenient Location, Extended Hours,
and Direct Billing

We understand that life is hectic. We want to help make it a little simpler, which is why our centrally-located practice offers extended hours on Mondays and Saturdays. We’re also happy to directly bill most major insurance companies on your behalf. And on top of all that? We’ve got plenty of free parking. Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique will always do whatever we can to make your life a little easier, located in the Health Science Building.

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A truly complete eye care experience includes the best eyewear the world has to offer. Our Boutique is well-stocked with globally-recognized brands like Dior, Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, Fossil, and much more.

But of course, your eyewear is much more than just your frames. We offer Zeiss lenses; the paragon of quality lens technology. By pairing the best in optical lenses with filters and coatings for improved performance, Stoney Creek Eye Care & Eyewear Boutique is here to help you look your best, see your best, and feel your best.

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