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Stoney Creek Eye Care is the go-to name for dry eye treatment in Stoney Creek.

Dry eye syndrome, also called DES, is a chronic lack of natural lubrication on the surface of the eye. It happens when the eyes don’t produce enough tears, or the volume of tears is sufficient but the oil level in the tears is not high enough, which causes tears to evaporate quickly.

It is a common problem among Canadians, many of whom suffer from it repeatedly and at random times. Approximately 1 in 3 Canadians suffer from the condition—but the prevalence in Hamilton is likely higher due to the dry weather.

DES can be caused by changes in seasons, environment and lifestyle. Its effects range from minor eye irritation to an increased risk of eye infections and corneal inflammation.

Scratchiness, persistent dryness and a burning sensation in the eyes are common symptoms of DES. Some patients experience eyestrain and fatigue, as well as blurred vision (due to changing tear levels). Others experience a feeling of having something in the eye. And while it may seem ironic, DES can cause watery eyes, as the excessive dryness makes the eye overproduce lubrication.

Other causes of DES include the following:

  • Aging
  • Certain medications (e.g. Antidepressants, antihistamines, blood pressure medicines, birth control pills, medications for Parkinson’s disease, etc.)
  • Smoking
  • Skin diseases around the eyes
  • Prolonged computer use
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Damage to the glands or ducts

There is no cure for dry eye syndrome, but with proper treatment, it’s easy to manage the symptoms.

Dry Eye Treatment by Stoney Creek Eye Care

At Stoney Creek Eye Care, our dry eye therapy in Hamilton, CA starts with a check up with one of our eye doctors; they will check for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. They conduct tests to look at each patient’s visual clarity, tear function, tear production, tear osmolarity, eye surface dryness and damage to the conjunctiva or cornea. Doing so allows us to determine the severity of the eye and the appropriate treatment.

We then work with you to develop a treatment plan that may include eye drops, lubricating ointments, punctal plugs (deliberately seals off eye drainage canals) and nutritional supplements. These treatments are prescription only, and it is important to talk to our eye doctors and ask questions before committing to a treatment.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of dry eye, schedule your appointment with Stoney Creek Eye Care for an assessment and dry eye treatment in Stoney Creek. You may contact us at 905-662-8863.